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    Workers Compensation Reform General Business
    Alaska’s unfortunate position as the highest cost state in the U.S. for workers compensation costs results in a heavy cost burden for our small and medium sized businesses.  The main reason is very high medical fees for even routine procedures, sometimes  as much as 95% higher than those allowed by nearby Washington State.  Our workers comp costs have not always been this high – as recently as the year 2000, we were middle of the pack.  Significant reform, such as that achieve by Montana in recent years, is needed.    More...
    Alaska Business Support Take Action Write a letter to your legislators urging them to support comprehensive workers compensation reform.


    General Alaska Business Climate  
    Alaska ranks consistently low among the 50 U.S. states as a place to do business.  This is according to three of the leading business ranking organizations, including CNBC, Forbes magazine, and   For 2011, CNBC ranked Alaska number 49, Forbes ranked us 42, and put us at 31.   Alaska can and must do better.   More...
    Alaska Business Support Take Action Ask your Legislators what they are doing to improve Alaska's business climate.


    State Spending Out of Control Alaska Budget Growth
    With per capita State Spending almost doubling in the last six years, Alaska has a spending problem. A big spending problem.   More…
    Alaska Budgets Reign In
    Take Action
    Ask your legislators to commit to more sustainable spending levels in future years. Ask them to avoid driving Alaska off of a fiscal cliff and causing a sharp, prolonged economic downturn.


    Transportation Infrastructure Fund Infrastructure
    Funding for roads, ports and airport projects tends to be boom or bust depending upon oil prices. It also tends to be too politicized. Rep Peggy Wilson (R—Wrangell/Ketchikan) sponsored HB122 in 2013 to change that. Numerous co-sponsors joined her.   More…



    Take Action
    Write a letter thanking supporters for working to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot to allow creation of an Alaska Transportation Infrastructure Fund (ATIF). Encourage them to try again next year.


    Accountability for Anti-Development Lawsuits Litigation Reform
    Alaskans have seen it happen many times. A new economic development project – be it a mine, an oil exploration well or a timber sale – receives its required permits and governmental reviews. Just before ground-breaking or start-up, an anti-development group files a lawsuit and asks the judge for an injunction to stop the project until the lawsuit is resolved. Jobs are put on hold, contractors’ seasons are ruined, and project investors incur large costs.   More…
    Rep. Eric Feige sponsored legislation in 2011, House Bill 168, to require anti-development groups who file such lawsuits to post a bond sufficient to cover the lost wages and contractor expenses of the project delays in the event that the project is found to have been “wrongfully enjoined.” He was joined by many co-sponsors in the House and Senate. HB 168 passed the House in early April, 2012. It was sent to the Senate, where it died in the Senate Judiciary Committee as a result of the committee chair, Senator Hollis French, not allowing it out of his committee.
    Take Action
    Encourage supporters of previous litigation reform to try again next year.


    Cut Red Tape  Efficient Regulation
    Reducing the opportunity for anti-development, project-stopping mischief is crucial to Alaska’s future.  HB77 does just that.  It helps small and medium sized projects, especially, by streamlining the permitting process for water rights and land exchanges.  More…
    HB77 Support Take Action Write a letter to your legislators and the committee members urging a yes vote to pass HB77.


    Oil Tax Reform  Taxation
    After years of effort, legislators voted in April of 2014 to make Alaska’s oil taxes  more competitive.  Opponents put a referendum on the primary ballot to overturn this important legislation, but it was defeated.
    SB21 Support    


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