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    ProsperityAlaska is the voice of progress and possibility. Join our team and you will be part of a statewide network of people who represent the interests of Alaska's families and businesses.

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    See how they voted on issues critical to jobs and economic development in Alaska. More...

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    The outcome of important economic issues facing Alaska will affect the growth and profitability of your business. As a ProsperityAlaska member, you can use your industry expertise, credibility and dedicated employees to build relationships with elected officials and candidates for office and, in doing so, help guide your future. Customized web pages, issue alerts, voting records, and tools for contacting elected officials and building employee awareness are just a few of the member resources available to you.

    Join today and help educate, empower and engage Alaskans!

    Business Membership Levels:
    Participating Member - $0
    Supporting Member - $500
    Sustaining Member - $1,000
    Sponsoring Member - $2,500

    Why have a Business Membership? is a way for small and medium sized business owners to have a voice in elections and influence public policy. It is also a good way to engage your employees in important community and state issues.

    Employees depend on Employers to Help Make Political Decisions
    Employees generally believe that political and public policy information from their employers is more credible than when it comes from political parties or labor unions, according to national research. To be seen as credible, it needs to occur on a regular basis, not just during a time of need.

    Start a conversation!
    Only 7% of the U.S. workforce received any communication from their employers regarding politics and government. Seventy-eight percent of respondents either wished their company would provide information on government and politics, or were open to receiving the information. Only twenty-two percent either strongly or somewhat strongly did not trust the company.

    You aren't sure what to say?
    That's where comes in. Our site provides expert information, sophisticated Internet tools and winning strategies to help you follow the four steps to political success:
    • Identify the issues that matter to your business
    • Tell your employees how these issues impact their lives
    • Show them where incumbents and candidates stand on these issues
    • Encourage your employees to vote

    What if My Employees and I are on Different Parties? is nonpartisan: It's all about Prosperity. And only prosperity. We are always respectful of differences of opinion. We only invite involvement, with no pressure, but make involvement as convenient and possible.

    What else?
    All paid business memberships include short, customized lunch presentations, with an overview of currently active issues, at employer locations. You be the conduit for a thoughtful, motivational message to employees that their voices are important and count!

    Find Your Elected Officials
    Learn more about your elected officials before you contact them. More...
    Your Elected Official's Grade
    Find your elected official's grade based on their support or non-support of business and prosperity issues in 2015-2016. More...
    Calendar Meetings and Events
    Our statewide calendar of public hearings and business meetings. More...
    Featured Research
    Alaska is built on natural resource industries and federal government money. Learn more about the three legs of our economic stool. More... Mission and Vision:
    ProsperityAlaska promotes responsible economic development, fiscal policy and general prosperity by educating, engaging and empowering Alaskans on important public policy issues. We believe that business owners and employees alike have a huge stake in a healthy Alaska business climate. By disseminating high quality information and providing access to leading edge Internet tools, we help Alaskans shape their future.
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