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    Alaska's Spending and  Revenue Model

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    Alaska Oil Production Turns Upward

    Although there has been little celebration in the mainstream media, Alaska’s oil production outlook has quietly taken an upward turn for the first time in over 13 years.  As improbable as this might seem in today’s low oil price environment, production is expected to climb by approximately 10,000 barrels per day (bpd) in the current fiscal year (FY2016), according to the Alaska Department of Revenue’s Spring 2015 Forecast, and another 16,000 bpd in FY2017. Full Story
    Understanding Alaska's Fiscal Situation
    UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research’s Gunnar Knapp offers a good “big picture” overview of Alaska’s current fiscal situation.   He points out that we are using savings right at a rapid pace now to pay for state services.  He shares the largest “drivers” of the state budget and estimates how long our savings might last at this rate.  He also describes the fiscal options available for closing the deficit.  Full Presentation
    Feds Swing Suddenly Left on Land Use
    After years of permitting some limited resource development in Alaska, the Obama Administration has suddenly adopted hard-left environmental policies in the wake of the November elections.   This cold headwind is thwarting viable oilfield projects as well as putting large and promising areas off limits for exploration. Full Story


    Alaska Budgets Have Run Amok!
    Alaska's Crushing Workers Comp Costs
    Reliving our economic history from the 1980s? Since the mid 2000s, Alaska state spending exploded from $5 billion to $8.5 billion/year–over 70% increase. This reckless spending pattern is setting up Alaskan families for an economic bust. Full Story   Alaska’s unfortunate position as the highest cost state in the U.S. for workers compensation costs results in a heavy cost burden for our small and medium sized businesses.  The main reason is very high medical fees for even routine procedures, sometimes  as much as 95% higher than those allowed by nearby Washington State.  Full Story

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