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    Candidate List 2016 General Election
    Fairbanks and Interior AK                                                                            Find my district.
    Downtown Fairbanks - Fairbanks/Wainwright
    No Race this Year
    Senate District A
    House District 1
    Truno Holdaway v. Steve Thompson
    House District 2
    North Pole/Badger - Western Fairbanks
    John Coghill v. Luke Hopkins
    Senate District B
    Jeanne Olson v. Christina Sinclair v. Tammie Wilson
    House District 3
    David Guttenberg
    House District 4
    Chena Ridge/Airport - Eielson/Denali/Upper Yukon/Border Region
    No Race this Year
    Senate District C
    Aaron Lojewski v. Adam Wool
    House District 5
    Jason Land v. Justin Pratt v. David Talerico
    House District 6
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    Matanuska Susitna Valley                                                                       Find my district.
    Greater Wasilla/Big Lake/Point Mackenzie
    David Wilson
    Senate District D
    Brandon Montano v. Sherie Olson v. Colleen Sullivan-Leonard
    House District 7
    Gregory Jones v. Mark Neuman
    House District 8
    Greater Wasilla - Big Lake/Meadow Lakes/Point MacKenzie
    No Race this Year
    Senate District E
     Pamela Goode v. George Rauscher House District 9
    David Eastman v. Patricia Faye-Brazel v. Christian Hartley
    House District 10
    Greater Palmer - Chugiak/Gateway
    Tim Hale v. Shelley Hughes
    Senate District F
    Delena Johnson v. Bert Verrall
    House District 11
    Karen Perry v. Cathy Tilton v. Gretchen Wehmhoff
    House District 12
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    Greater Anchorage Area                                                                         Find my district.
    Fort Richardson/North Eagle River - Eagle River/Chugach State Park
    No Race this Year
    Senate District G
    Dan Saddler
    House District 13
    Joe Hackenmueller v. Lora Reinbold
    House District 14
    Elmendorf - College Gate
    Kevin Kastner v. Bill Wielechowski Senate District H
    Gabrielle LeDoux v. Patrick McCormack
    House District 15
    Don Hadley v. Ian Sharrock v. Ivy Spohnholz
    House District 16
    University - Spenard
    No Race this Year
    Senate District I
    Andy Josephson
    House District 17
    Harriet Drummond v. Michael Gordon
    House District 18
    Mountainview - Downtown Anchorage
    Tom Begich
    Senate District J
    Geran Tarr
    House District 19
    Les Gara
    House District 20
    West Anchorage/Sand Lake
    No Race this Year
    Senate District K
    Matt Claman v. Marilyn Stewart
    House District 21
    Dustin Darden v. Jason Grenn v. Liz Vazquez
    House District 22
    Taku - Oceanview
    Tom Johnson v. Forrest McDonald v. Natasha Von Imhof
    Senate District L
    Timothy Huit v. Chris Tuck
    House District 23
    Charles Kopp v. Sue Levi
    House District 24
    Abbott - Huffman
    No Race this Year
    Senate District M
    Pat Higgins v. Charisse Millett
    House District 25
    Chris Birch v. David Gillespie v. Bill Goodell
    House District 26
    Basher - South Anchorage
    Cathy Giessel v. Vince Beltrami Senate District N
    Harry T. Crawford, Jr. v. Lance Pruitt
    House District 27
    Shirley Cote v. Jennifer Johnston House District 28
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    Kenai Peninsula                                                                                    Find my district.
    North Kenai/Seward/Hope - Kenai/Soldotna
    No Race this Year
    Senate District O
    Mike Chenault
    House District 29
    Gary Knopp v. Daniel Lynch v. J.R. Myers  v. Shauna Thornton
    House District 30
    Homer/South Kenai - Kodiak/Cordova/Seldovia
    Carrie Harris v. Gary Stevens
    Senate District P
    Paul Seaton
    House District 31
    Duncan Fields v. Louise Stutes v. Brent Watkins
    House District 32
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    Southeast                                                                                           Find my district.
    Downtown Juneau/Douglas/Haines/Skagway - Mendenhall Valley
    No Race this Year
    Senate District Q
    Sam Kito III
    House District 33
    Cathy Muñoz v. Justin Parish
    House District 34
    Sitka/Petersburg - Ketchikan/Wrangell/Metlakatla/Hydaburg
    Senate District R
    Shelia Finkenbinder  v. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins
    House District 35
    Daniel Ortiz v. Kenneth Shaw v. Robert Sivertsen
    House District 36
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    Western AK                                                                                         Find my district.
    Bristol Bay/Aleutians/Upper Kuskokwim - Lower Kuskokwim
    No Race this Year
    Senate District S
    Bryce Edgmon v. William Weatherby
    House District 37
    Zach Fansler
    House District 38
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    Northern AK                                                                                        Find my district.
    Bering Straits/Yukon Delta - Arctic
    Donny Olson
    Senate District T
    Neal Foster
    House District 39
    Dean Westlake
    House District 40
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